About Us

Roadline Products, Inc. U.S.A. was founded on July 11, 1988 by brothers Gary and Don Givens. Initially operating on the grounds of a small town farm in Inman, Kansas, Roadline Products began as a manufacturer of custom-designed stencil trucks and a distributor for SpeefloTM. In the early years, most of Roadline’s clientele included a small list of cities and counties located throughout the state of California. Still a newer concept, stencil trucks were becoming more and more commonplace technology to public works departments all around the country. Considering there were only a few stencil truck manufacturers in existence, Roadline gained a lot of popularity putting Roadline on the map.

Having previously relocated his family from his native Kansas to Downey, California in the early 1960’s, Gary Givens faced head-on the difficulties that came from running a business while in another state. As a result, shortly after his brother Don’s passing, Roadline’s headquarters were moved to its present Norwalk, California location in 1994, nearly five miles from his

Downey home and central to both Los Angeles and Orange counties. With this new location, Roadline positioned itself amongst a large concentration of both cities and counties, providing a convenient location with a knowledgeable and helpful staff.

After listening to the concerns voiced by many city and county workers, Roadline began working on newer innovations that addressed many of the issues public works departments face on a daily basis. These new innovations incorporated newer technological advancements in paint striping equipment, making them more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. This transformation is due in part to Gary’s son, Scott Givens, joining the team in 2007, making Roadline Products a more widespread and multifaceted brand.

Up until around the year 2000, Roadline’s flagship system has been the stencil truck. In recent years the new graffiti removal truck was added to Roadline’s specialties. Equipped with high pressure hot water blasting equipment, capable of removing various types of graffiti, the graffiti removal truck has become a staple of Roadline Products. Additionally, the stencil truck itself has gone through various revisions, exploiting the newer concept of “Green” technology. These newer flavors of the stencil truck now have the capability of being powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) or mobile hybrid electric systems utilizing electric pumps over those that operate under hydraulics.

Roadline has not stopped at developing its graffiti removal truck. Roadline’s portfolio of trucks has extended unto other applications. One of these includes a red curb truck used for painting a curb red while in motion. Another truck, the newest to become a member of the Roadline family, is the cone truck. Including up to two seats, the cone truck is used to place cones on roads and highways while in motion. In order to carry a large number of cones, an optional conveyor belt may be installed onto the bed of the truck for displacing cones from the back of the bed to a position reachable by passengers riding in the seat(s).

Roadline has been in business for 23 years now and has amassed a long list of satisfied customers, some of which it currently does business with on a daily basis. It has now worked with cities and counties in California, Washington and Florida and continues to expand, looking for new customers willing to give it a chance to demonstrate its effectiveness to public works departments around the country.